Corona Restaurant – Very good restaurant in Balchik

Corona Restaurant – Very good restaurant in Balchik

This review seems a bit hard to do.

After all the world was hit by the Corona virus and here I am trying to tell you about a restaurant in Bulgaria named just like that.


But putting all things aside I want to mention from the start that if you ever find yourself visiting Balchik, then this place is a sure thing when it comes to eating.


Unlike so many past reviews I will try keeping things simple and short here.



Balchik. Next to the Balchik Castle and the Botanical Garden.

Facing the sea it can be a nice place to relax after a long day at the beach or why not a long day taking photographs.

There is a parking about 200 meters away so you can drop the car there and enjoy a small stroll on the promenade until you reach this place.


Very nice, very professional.

Since I am Romanian and Romania is so close to Balchik I always exchange a few words in Romanian with many people who work in restaurants, pubs, hotels, etc.


The review is based on four dinners that we took there while enjoying Balchik and the neighboring beaches.

First evening:

2 fish soups

1  dorada filet and polenta

1 portion of mussels and French fries

1 beer

1 cuba libre

All of the above costed us 60 leva which comes to 30-31 euro

Second evening:

Chicken and shrimps roulade

French fries

French fries and cheese


Fish eggs


1 Draft beer

1 Aperol

All of the above were 80 leva which means around 40 41 euro

Third evening

Plate of seafood

Greek salad

Greek Zucchini

Sicilian mussels

French fries

Large draft beer

1 Mojito

Biscuit cake

Nugat cake


Again a very convenient bill of 73 leva(37 eur)

Fourth night:

Pork bonfile


Sicilian mussels

French fries

1 Cuba libre

1 large water

About 60 leva again.

So as you can see the prices are quite good and the portions are more than OK.

Combined with the great taste of food and we have a winner.

As a side note: I know that many people would look and think that 30 40 euro is not cheap for a meal but you have to take in consideration a few things:

  1. It was the first holiday in 2020 and we feared it would be the last due to the pandemic
  2. The amount of food and quality of food is really hard to beat at these prices.

You can always eat less but we wanted to really enjoy the trip so we tasted from a lot of things.

In the end, if ever in Balchik, try this place.

We loved it and we are sure you will too.



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